Who are WE

Say Construction Technology established under Digicom Group Companies, initiated luxury and unique projects inTurkey’s leading exceptional and privileged regions.

Say Construction Technology has started to move forward with the construction of high-technology residential areas and estate development projects. Say Construction, has succeeded its name on many luxury residence and villa projects, production facilities and restoration of historical building still today. Say Construction Technology has introduced a new concept of “brand residence” which will bring a breath of fresh air to Turkish Real Estate sector and has implemented the “yooistanbul inspired by Philippe Starck” project.

From the first day of its establishment, Say Construction has aimed to change the ongoing understanding of residential life and through its international collaborations, it has been integrating the famous brands, legendary designers and high technology into his projects. Say Construction is taking firm steps forward on his way to influence the real estate sector bringing the diligently chosen elite locations together with quality, design, functionality and comfort.

Mission: Our mission is to develop boutique residential projects which enable a quality and comfortable life in centers of strategically important cities, Istanbul being in particular, and elite countryside area, and to construct industrial facilities such as plants with correct planning aimed at the needs, with respectful attitude towards environment and cultural details.

Vision: Aiming to contribute to public life, environment, and national economy in all of its projects, Say Construction’s main goal is always to be ahead of the construction industry by:

say yapı teknoloji

- following the technology closely and enhancing the quality and comfort with innovative solutions
- aiming to bring beauty and the functionality together in harmony with the surrounding environment –acting in sync with the global real estate trends - acting in sync with the global real estate trends
- with its innovative and inquisitive identity having the potential to make ‘BREAKTHROUGHS’ in its territory